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Variety or tradition? Are you willing to jump from one brand to the next? We will help you. You and your family have a long history of

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Customer Oriented

We work for you! We want you to have, if is in your budget and we can get it, the car YOU want! Not the one we want to sale!

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Leave a text message, a voice message, give us a call, write an email, WE WILL ANSWER.

About FH Equipments

A car dealer that works for you
The car you deserve, the budget you have.

Let's start a conversation, at FH Equipments we care about your needs, your time and your budget. We'll take the time to get you in the car you want between a reasonable budget. We we'll guide you to get fair financing options. We are all about providing a solution to your vehicle needs, not about selling you "whatever we have". Our inventory is only a reference, we will get you in the car you want, not the one we want to sale.